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Human growth hormones are produced naturally within one’s body by the pituitary gland, which is a pea-sized gland located at the base of the brain. As per its name, the main function of human growth hormones is to stimulate growth until a person reaches puberty. But, apart from this major function, human growth hormones carry out other important functions in your body, such as helping in the division and renewal of cells, maintaining balanced blood sugar levels, stimulating the immune system and regulating your overall metabolism.

After an individual attains puberty, the human body’s production of growth hormones gradually starts decreasing, ultimately leading to the overall health issues that one usually associates with ageing. It is believed that by the age of 60, the production of human growth hormones is only half of what it used to be at the age of 30.

As stated earlier, the production of human growth hormones starts declining in the body as we grow older. However, in an ideal scenario, if human growth hormones were present in the same amount throughout our lives, we would easily live till the age of 140, be several inches taller and much more muscular.

Discovered in the 1920's, human growth hormones have enormous benefits and even today, research regularly throws up new uses for it. Produced by the anterior pituitary gland, human growth hormones are present in the body at a rate of 500 micrograms in the blood of males aged between 20 and 30. Produced under the stimulation of the hypothalamus, the human growth hormone has tremendous effects on our system. It increases and facilitates the production of new protein tissues, helping build new muscle or aiding in muscle recovery or renewal. Recent research suggests that human growth hormones are also involved in the metabolism of body fat and help in converting the fat into energy sources. As such, tests carried out on obese people have shown that human growth hormones are also helpful in treating obesity. Athletes and professionals in the martial arts have used growth hormones in order to maintain and enhance lean muscle mass while having been on a diet for years. Experiments have also shown that human growth hormones facilitate better REM sleep and improve the overall sleep pattern in individuals. Besides the aforementioned effects, studies in the field of medicine have also shown that a normal secretion of human growth hormones produces more energy, improves sexual performance, makes bones stronger, as well as improves the quality and life of the heart and the kidneys.

Thus, to sum up, the benefits of human growth hormones are limitless. With age, as the natural production of growth hormones diminishes, an individual may need to rely on artificial sources of the growth hormone, in the form of growth hormone supplements, which are proving to be equally effective in carrying out bodily functions. These supplements may be available in the form of injections or pills, but are to be taken under the supervision of a medical practitioner only.

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