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The multiple benefits of the human growth hormone have already been established. Known to play a vital role in the regeneration, growth and reproduction of cells, the hormone also helps the human body to fight against diseases and helps the body to recuperate quickly from the after-effects of surgery or chronic illnesses. Not only this, the human growth hormone also controls the functioning of the organs, improves the rate of metabolism and promotes growth rate in the body. Having reached a peak in adolescence, the production of this growth hormone gradually declines over time as we age. This is when the effects of its deficiency come into play and may give rise to several ailments. However, one need not fear as HGH is now manufactured artificially and people mostly buy human growth hormones to slow down the aging process.

The question then arises, “Where can one buy human growth hormones?” To ensure the safety and efficacy of the treatment, you must always buy human growth hormones from a reputed source. Many people look for a cheaper option by buying HGH from the black market, but it has been seen that these sources are not as effective, as they are mixed with placebos. In some cases, they have also been known to contain harmful ingredients. Human growth hormones administered in the form of injections are the only effective option for taking HGH therapy. The manufacturers who claim to be selling the hormone in the form of pills or sprays are mostly untrustworthy. Though sometimes a cheaper option, the effects of these products are not viable.

The dosage of HGH supplements administered by the doctor may vary depending on your personal health goals, conditions such as hormone deficiency, weight, height, age, physical examination and medical history. A very high dosage may be as ineffective as a low dosage and may also be harmful or have serious side-effects.

When you have decided to buy human growth hormones, you must avoid all manufacturers or companies who sell them without a valid prescription. These sources may be of dubious quality and may lead to potential harmful effects. Once you have shortlisted the company or manufacturer, the next step is to decide how you want to purchase the product, whether from local drug dealers, pharmacies or online.

There are several reputed online companies which advertise the sale of human growth hormones on their websites. After you contact the manufacturer, you need to first fill in an online form stating your medical history, symptoms, age, weight, height and other details. Subsequently, a clinical expert will call you to discuss your health goals and explain the process of treatment. After you have completed a medical history form, you need to undergo some blood tests at one of the affiliated clinics in your locality, following which a certified medical practitioner analyzes your blood test reports for probable hormone deficiencies and prescribes a suitable dose of HGH according to your body chemistry and health goals.

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