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Human growth hormone (HGH) plays a pivotal role in determining an individual's height, but apart from this, there are other areas of human development in which the growth hormone plays an equally important role. In fact, HGH is known to undo muscle wasting in individuals suffering from AIDS, and it is also widely believed that HGH supplements slow down the aging process, thus increasing one’s life span. The most common form of HGH supplements are the growth hormone injections. It is dangerous to take the growth hormone injections without medical supervision, as is evident from the several cases reporting the misuse of HGH injections, which may even lead to fatalities.

If you are deficient in HGH and your doctor has prescribed the use of HGH supplements, it is usually safe to take the growth hormone injections. However, the potential side-effects of growth hormone injections cannot be totally ruled out even then. But it is to be remembered that the risk of side effects increases manifold when HGH is taken in high doses or in the absence of medical supervision.

Injecting yourself with synthetic growth hormone injections can cause several side effects; hence the injections should only be taken when all other options have been exhausted, but that too on the advice of a qualified doctor. The potential side-effects of using growth hormone injections may include the following.

The most common side effect of taking growth hormone injections is acromegaly. This is a medical condition that sets in with the overgrowth of facial bones and connective tissues, resulting in an altered appearance owing to a protruding jaw and projecting eyebrow bones. This condition may also lead to an abnormal growth of the limbs along with increased hair growth all over the body. As opposed to the belief that HGH helps you live longer, acromegaly actually shortens your longevity considerably.

Another possible side effect of taking the growth hormone injections is that an individual’s pituitary gland becomes lazy, and ceases to function on its own. The HGH injections provide the body with a full dose of the required hormone, so the pituitary gland becomes dependent on the external source and does not release its own natural HGH. Once a person is taking the injections, it can be difficult to wean off them.

Another pitfall of the HGH therapy is that, if the growth hormone injections are suddenly discontinued, the person may experience a "reverse effect" in which he or she loses the advantages that were gained by using the injection. This too may be a result of the body being devoid of sufficient HGH, owing to the pituitary gland having become lazy.

Besides the above, the other side effects of growth hormone injections include fluid retention in the body, carpal tunnel syndrome, aching joints, enlarged breasts in males, and liver dysfunction. Studies in medicine also throw up concerns that growth hormone injections may increase the risk of cancer.

In other words, one should only opt for growth hormone supplements from reputed manufacturers, and take under constant medical supervision of growth hormone, to limit the side-effects to a minimum.

This article has been taken from //bestgrowthhormonesupplement.wordpress.com/2012/10/10/the-side-effects-of-growth-hormone-injections/

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